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Meetings - 2012 - Mexico

1st Meeting of the Task Force on Employment - Mexico City, Mexico (December 15, 2011)

The First Meeting of the G20 Task Force on Employment was held in Mexico City on 15 December 2011 with the participation of employment experts from G20 countries and international organisations. It was agreed by the G20 Labor and Employment Ministers in their meeting at the September 2011 in Paris that the first topic to be addressed will be youth employment. In line with this task, participants discussed effective programs and strategies for preparing young workers to enter the workforce, and the significant present and future implications of youth unemployment for the labor market.

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2nd meeting of the Task Force on Employment, Geneva (26 March 2012)

In the 2nd meeting of the Task Force on Employment, the participants discussed “G20 Strategies on Youth Employment” and reviewed the work of the G20 Task Force on Employment for the second semester of 2012


G20 Labor and Employment Ministers' Meeting - Guadalajara, Mexico (May 17 - 18, 2012)

The G20 labor and employment ministers met Guadalajara on 17-18 May, 2012 and discussed the policies to create quality employment, successful strategies to promote youth employment and options to generate jobs linked to green growth. The Task Force on Employment presented the measures and recommendations to promote youth employment which was incorporated into the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers' Conclusions. The most important conclusions reached during the Ministerial Meeting, including the priority to adopt actions that address the social and labor-related effects of the economic crisis, which can be accomplished by improving employment policies and strengthening social protection floors in different countries.


3rd Meeting of the Task Force on Employment, Geneva (October 1-2, 2012)

The members of the Task Force on Employment and the representatives of international organisations convened on 1st and 2nd October and discussed the key elements of quality apprenticeships and their impact in youth and the labour market. They also agreed on “G20 Strategies on Youth Employment” which describes the current and long-term employment challenges of youth in G20 countries and the necessary strategies to address these challenges.