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Meetings - 2011 - France

G20 Labor and Employment Ministers' Meeting — Paris, France (September 26-27, 2011)

The second labor and employment ministers meeting was held in Paris, France on 26-27 September 2011. The agenda focussed on employment, social security, labour and social rights, and policy coherence. Ministers agreed upon a set of recommendations to Leaders on ways to

  • Improve active employment policies, particularly for young people and other vulnerable groups
  • Strengthen social protection by establishing social protection floors adapted to each country
  • Promote effective application of social and labour rights
  • Strengthen the coherence of economic and social policies

Labor and Employment Ministers also recommended the Leaders to set up a Task Force on Employment in their meeting. The Leaders decided to do so at the Cannes' Summit:

"We firmly believe that employment must be at the heart of the actions and policies to restore growth and confidence that we undertake under the Framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth. We are committed to renew our efforts to combat unemployment andpromote decent jobs, especially for youth and others who have been most affected by the economic crisis. We therefore decide to set up a G20 Task-Force on Employment, with a focus on youth employment,that will provide input to the G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting to be held under the Mexican Presidency in 2012" (Cannes Summit Final Declaration)